Recruitment Agency


All successful businesses are successful recruitment stories.



As a Recruitment Agency we identify, we select and we recruit the best talented candidates by which companies can grow. People make the difference and the company success can be guaranteed only by the quality of the people within the company.

Qlt ™ Group – Recruitment Agency Romania is intended to be a good intermediary between the employers and the quality job seekers. We will help you to get the best human resources for your business. Resources are everything!

Recruitment agency


  • classic recruitment;
  • headhunting;
  • executive search;
  • outplacement;
  • payroll and personnel administration;
  • organizational consulting;
  • psychological evaluation.

With Qlt ™ Recruitment Agency you will be ready to initiate, to carry on and to complete any type of recruiting project: classic, head-hunting, executive search in all business fields: FMCG, pharmaceutical, construction, technical, IT, tourism / hotels, automotive, media, advertising, transportation, services, manufacturing, agricultural, real estate, banking etc.

By choosing us you will find: PROFESSIONALISM, QUALITY & INNOVATION.

The main characteristic that defines us as professionals is our easiness to identify the best candidates and our easiness to identify their capacity to bring added value to businesses.

Let us contribute to the success of your business.


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