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Titlu recrutare Senior Web Developer > JavaScript

Senior Web Developer (great user experience & JavaScript knowledge)

If you are a senior self-driven web developer with an emphasis on the front-end development then you can join a great team who loves to create great user experience.

➢    Annual performance review rewarding your results;
➢    The opportunity to increase your knowledge by working in an experienced and professional team;
➢    Supportive working climate and a young dynamic team;
➢    Team building activities;
➢    Attractive compensation package;
➢    Above market compensation & competitive project bonuses;
➢    Flex-time arrangements.

➢    You will join a teambuilding an ambitious product, targeting both mobile and Web audiences.
➢    You will be working closely with the CTO, and will be responsible for setting up a new web application in a well structured and maintainable fashion.
➢    Your responsibilities will range from technology selection (use libraries, frameworks, and tools that are modern and have a reasonable mindshare in the industry) to actual development and documentation, to  setting up a good development environment including continuous integration and automated testing and deployment.
➢    Code you will contribute should be structured so as to facilitate easy creation of mobile optimized versions with minimal rewriting. The user interfaces you create will need to be responsive and adapt well between various devices.

➢     JavaScript framework (Angular, Backbone, Ember, or Knockout.js) and libraries (require.js, underscore.js, handlebars.js)
➢    UI Frameworks (jQuery.js)
➢    UI Libraries (such as React.js)
➢    Documentation Generators (docco, JSDoc etc.)
➢    Code Coverage & Quality (JSLint, JSHint, JSCoverage)
➢    Build & Deployment (grunt.js, bower)
➢    Node.js used for app deployment (and not particularly for server side logic)

Besides the higher level libraries and frameworks, we are looking for someone that has strong fundamental understanding of the underlying technologies, such as  HTML5, CSS3 and DOM as well as  REST services.
Strong software development background (and experience in other languages and technologies such as C++, Java) is appreciated.

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