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Titlu recrutare Junior NOC Engineer
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Junior NOC Engineer (fresh university graduate)


  • We are looking for a young, energetic, professional, preferably a fresh university graduate or a master’s degree student (university degree is a required, or in the progress of getting one), but we also accept candidates who graduated university recently and has limited experience;
  • Likes interacting with people, working in a team;
  • Wants to start a career in an American company;
  • Must have knowledge of written English;
  • Must have very good knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite (outlook, excel);
  • The candidate has strong analytical skills and enjoys working with numbers, is very focused on details, has excellent problem solving abilities;
  • Analytical, conceptual, strategic and planning abilities, self-organized.


  • The candidate will work with our trouble ticketing platform and answer tickets from our customers based on an internal procedure;
  • The NOC engineer will directly resolve or escalate reported issues;
  • The NOC engineer will make sure the desired SLAs for tickets responses / resolution is met;
  • The candidate will work closely with other members from the technical team. She/He will work with a young team of telecom professionals, reporting to the Technical manager, based in Romania;
  • The candidate will be using web based systems, for his work. For example, one of the main tools needed are the Company billing system, which is a website who is running on top of a database;
  • The day to day activities and responsibilities include:
     –  Monitor Company’s network;
     –  Respond and resolve customer trouble tickets;
     –  Troubleshooting of customer issues or escalate them if needed;
     –  Update our trouble ticketing system with all necessary information;
     –  Making test calls through our voice network making sure we offer the highest call quality possible to our customers;
     –  Monitoring quality of service offered to our clients for certain services (especially for our core services) and make sure certain quality criteria are met.


  • Working in an American company with more open and entrepreneurial values which is looking for a long term win-win relationship between the employer and the employee;
  • A perfect start for a career in Telecom;
  • Internal company training in telecommunications and Voice over IP, the future of voice communication;
  • Fixed salary;
  • Working hours (7-15 pm; 15-23 pm);
  • Salary begining from 1400-1500 lei net;
  • Performance based bonus;
  • The possibility to advance on other position inside the company in the future, based on skills;
  • Working in a very young team, that loves working hard but having fun also;
  • We encourage our team members to be creative, and we try to be as flexible as possible in everything we do, especially when it comes to new ideas improving how we work;
  • Work laptop.

O singură aplicare, prin transmiterea cv-ului pe email, este suficientă pentru primirea consimțâmântului și înscrierea în baza de date și considerarea candidaturii pentru toate posturile asemănatoare și pentru cele care corespund candidaturii voastre. 


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